Our Team

She Clothing Co. was started in the summer of 2017 by four young women going into Grade 10, inspired by the Women’s March and remarkable women in their lives, who wanted to get more involved in the women’s empowerment movement. The women behind the business are four Grade 12 girls from Toronto: Laura David, director of communications; Alara Karahan, director of marketing and social media; Jordan Murrell, director of finance; and Lara Ground, the creative director.  


She Clothing Co at the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women's Empowerment 

After joining a club called “Resist, Insist, Persist” at our school, which focuses on education of societal issues women face, holds panel discussions with women making a difference, and throws letter-writing parties where students could write to politicians about issues they cared deeply about, the four of us wanted to take our efforts one step further by making an impact on the lives of women in our own community in Toronto. We saw that some of their friends couldn’t attend the panel discussions or marches because of their busy schedules, or because they didn’t even know about it. Other friends might have had a negative connotation of feminism due to its portrayal in the media.


She Clothing Co Team at Women's March 2019

By creating She Clothing Co, we wanted to rebrand feminism. We wanted to create a way for someone to wear a simple t-shirt, yet stand in solidarity with millions of women across the world, all geared towards the same goal of empowering women and making sure the ideas of young women were heard. We found that the perfect way to involve young women was to donate all our profits to organizations that prioritized the voices of the young girls. By focusing on social entrepreneurship, our metrics are measured in more than just profits; our company’s success corresponds with its ability to create positive social change. 


Laura David, Director of Communications

Laura is the communications and sourcing director at She Clothing Co. She oversees our partnerships with charities and finds quality merchandise for you to wear. 

Alara Karahan, Director of Marketing

Alara is the marketing and social media director at She Clothing Co. She is in charge of getting our message across to empowered young women wanting to make a change.


Jordan Murrell, Director of Finance

Jordan Murrell is the finance director at She Clothing Co. She makes sure that we are economically sustainable so our business can help as many people as possible.


Lara Ground, Creative Director

Lara Ground is the creative director at She Clothing Co. She draws all of the logos and designs on this website as well as the designs featured on all our merchandise.