She takes on CelSat

Celebration Saturday: a day to devour cookies as large as a person’s head, explore bouncy castles, and come together as a community with people from all different types of backgrounds and interests. Havergal College’s annual event is to provide a unique opportunity to learn about its community partners. CelSat is a day for amusement and discovery, so what better place to show the world She Clothing Co?

On September 23rd, 2017, we had set up a booth in the cafeteria of Havergal College where people could come by and discover what this clothing company was about as well as purchase our apparel! We are extremely proud to say that we have raised $1080 in sales, selling out of all of our sweatshirts in the process!!

In just a short two months, we have gone from the sale of a couple of t-shirts to our families to almost reaching our goal of raising $2000 for scholarships, meeting awe-inspiring, supportive, and all in all a magnificent group of people in the process.

The She Team ❤

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