At She Clothing Co, we believe that feminism is for everyone. Feminism is about equality and living in a world where men and women are treated equally in all aspects of life whether it's social, political, or economical. We try to promote women’s rights in a way that’s informative, accessible, and most importantly, fun! Women, no matter how intelligent and powerful they are, still face a systematic discrimination solely based on their gender. A huge example is the gender pay gap where white women get paid 87 cents for a man's dollar, and it’s an even bigger difference for people of colour and other minority groups. This “stereotyping” goes both ways. Men are often mocked for showing emotion and not taken as seriously with sexual abuse charges. There needs to be a shift in the culture, and She Clothing Co’s mission is to push for a bridge in the divide. Our goal is to give help that has value behind it and to show people in a position of privilege how they can make a difference in the lives of others which is why all profits generated from sales will go to organizations dedicated to empowering young women. By wearing our logo, you stand with your peers in creating a community environment which listens to each other and pushes each other to be better. So join us on our mission to help girls help the world! 



We want to leave our customers, supporters, and followers with more than a sweater. Part of our envisioned impact is to educate, spread awareness, and promote pride through our video series, weekly newsletter, and engagement with you guys through social media. Not only do we want people to buy sweaters, but we want them to know why they are buying them, what it means to wear one, and the difference they are helping to make. And of course, we want everyone who wears a sweater to be proud to support such a powerful movement, proud to be a feminist, and proud to stand in solidarity among the millions of other women who are fighting for the same cause. Our goal is to help young women in need as well as show people in a position of privilege how they can make a difference in the lives of others. We want everyone to be proud of being feminists, and we aim to achieve these goals by promoting positive change through our apparel.